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Train sex
Sex in Wiener U-Bahn: Second video surfaced
The sex video from the Vienna U-Bahn is the hit on the web. Two witnesses tell the story.
The sex tape in the underground railway is the world's Internet-Hit: 10 million users clicked on it already. Now tell two passengers, it all went.
The video with the game of love in the U1 is the most exciting on the web: More than 1 million times it was clicked on alone.
Worldwide, more than ten million users clicked on the video, Internet sites even reported in Britain.
The two law students Sammy E. Wiener and Nima K. (both 24) were on that night in the U1 subway line and have witnessed the love game live. In an interview with AUSTRIA, they tell what is behind the sex tape in the U-Bahn (interview on page 2): "There are really two had sex with each other in the subway. I thought that there is not. Am I dreaming? "Says Nima.
"They were not a couple"
Happened, the whole is five clock early in the U1 direction Kagran - the new night underground. Sammy: "The two were very young. I'm sure they were both drunk and have only met that night. They have not worked as a couple. "Sammy has even made a video of the love game. "It was a good atmosphere in the car, they all cheered and cheered. The film I had to. "
"It took 6 minutes"
About 15 passengers had been fired the two: But the two had not thought about stopping. The two witnesses report that the game of love has lasted six minutes. "Old Danube just before the station was closing. The two have left the U-Bahn separated from each other, "says Nima.
The driver they had not informed any event. "We found it funny, not disgusting," the two. The fact that the video has spread so rapidly is not surprising Internet experts. Video expert Peter Merschitz: "Today, everything is networked, there we have within the near 10 million clicks."
10. December 2010 10:07 Mobile Video
AUSTRIA: They've seen the love game in the Vienna underground live. When did this happen?
Sammy E., Nima K.: It was recently U1 by 5 clock at night subway line. We were on the way home, and are joined at the Prater Stern.
AUSTRIA: What do you see then in the subway? Was it real sex?
Nima K: Ten people have been staring in my direction. When I turned, I saw why. Since two had sex with each other. Real sex. I thought that there is not. Am I dreaming?
AUSTRIA: What did you do both?
Sammy E.: Instinctively, we both love to pair up and filmed. I thought, I want the record for posterity. This is unique, that does not happen every night.
AUSTRIA: Who are the two lovers?
Nima K.: Both are very young. Both were drunk, and have only met that night. They have not worked as a pair. I think they have found no other place, and felt unobserved. I believe that drugs were involved.
AUSTRIA: How long did the game of love?
Nima K.: We have noticed about six minutes. How long before they have sex with each other have had, I can not say. Anyway, they have stopped just before the station Old Danube. We got out in Kagran.
AUSTRIA: How did the other passengers?
Sammy E.: How about five or six people are now and have filmed. All cheered and rejoiced. Only one girl is drawn back and asked why we look for everyone.
AUSTRIA: How did the story end?
Nima K.: The game of love has taken off at Old Danube. Then both got out and have the U-Bahn exit separated from each other.

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